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Publishing your landing page

Once you're happy with your landing page, it is time to go live!

To publish your page, click the "Publish" button.

You'll be presented with the "Page Settings" dialog. Select the "Domain" and "Path" where you'd like to publish your page.

Tip 1: a preview of how each field in this dialog changes your page is presented on the right.
Tip 2: if you want to publish your page to a custom domain, please check our article on How do I publish my page to my own domain?
Page settings and Preview

Once you're happy with your settings, click the "Publish" button and your page should be live! If everything goes right, you should be presented with the screen below.

Please note: if you made changes in the editor and published them, but the link still shows a previous version of your page, don't worry! This happens because we distribute it using a Content-Delivery Network and it may take up to 10 minutes to invalidate the cache. Your changes will be available soon!

Page publish success

Click the "See my page" button (or scan the QR code using your smartphone) to confirm that your page is working as expected.

If you're not happy with something, click the "Back to editor" button and edit your page. Then, repeat the previous steps to publish the new version.
If everything is looking fine, click the back arrow on the page header to access your home page.

Your live pages have a Published status. If you made changes, but still haven't published them, the status will be Pending changes. If the page is not live, it's status will be Draft.

Published status

Updated on: 10/01/2021

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