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Configure custom domain with Google Domains

Before you add the DNS records to your Google Domains, you must configure your domain in Way. See our full guide about connecting your domain to Way.

Access your Google Domains account

Click on the domain you would like to use for your Way landing pages.

In the left menu, select DNS. A new page will appear.

Scroll until you find the “Custom resource records” section. If you want to use a subdomain, see step "5. Subdomain configuration". If you want to use the root domain, see step "6. Root domain configuration".

Subdomain configuration (if you want to use something like

In the "Name" field, type the subdomain you would like to use for your pages. Examples: pages, promo.
In the "Type" field, select the option CNAME.
In the "TTL" field, inform: 1H.
In the "Data" field, inform:
Click the "Add" button.

Root domain configuration (if you want to use something like "****")

In the "Name" field, type @. This character is used to refer to the root domain.
In the “Type” field, select option A.
In the “TTL” field, enter 1H.
In the “Data” field, inform the IP
Click the “Add” button.

TIP: we recommend to also set up the www subdomain as an alias of the root domain. To do so, follow the steps described in in "5. Subdomain configuration" and use www as "Name".

Yay! Google Domains is pointing to your Way landing pages. Now, you have to wait for the records to propagate to the internet. This can take a few minutes or even hours in extreme cases.

Updated on: 09/30/2021

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